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New Richard Struggle Chapter Draft — Book 2 — Chapter 11 [FINAL]

Chapter Name: A Different Kind of Hero
Length: 3,700 words
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Obviously, there had been quite a lot of apologising after Richard’s outburst. Great epiphanies are all well and good, but the thing about epiphanies is that they are often only significant to the person having the epiphany. There’s a reason Archemeaies’ naked rush through the streets of Athens is still remembered over two thousand years later.

NOTE: We are going to be doing some serious editing to early chapters, so if you’ve been waiting for the end before reading, I suggest you wait just a little longer until those edits have gone through.

New Richard Struggle Chapter Draft — Book 2 — Chapter 10

Chapter Name: Epiphany > Prophecy
Length: 3,500 words
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Richard sat down and stared in fascination while Elizabeth continued her story. It was one of the old ones from the Originomtriom — coincidentally, the very same story Richard had cited while arguing with Lucio on the mountain — the story of how their gods, Chadwick, Ophelia, and Prudence had met.

Obviously, this was the children’s version — lighter on visceral descriptions of blood, sex, death, and implied bestiality, and richer on wholesome life lessons — but that didn’t mean that all of the darker elements had been scrubbed out.

New Richard Struggle Chapter Draft — Book 2 — Chapter 9

Chapter Name: Bewitching Book Bandit
Length: 2,800 words
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

To call what greeted Richard around that corner shocking to him would be like saying that the gods of the mages liked a bit of a joke. He stood there with his mouth hanging open. When he’d left the dig-site the previous day, it had been messy, yes, what with all the pottery pieces they’d left scattered around, but Silver had told him not to worry!

This looked very much worthy of worry.

New Richard Struggle Chapter Draft — Book 2 — Chapter 8

Chapter Name: The Feeling of Being Observed
Length: 3,200 words
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Richard let out the breath he’d been holding. “You frightened the hell out of me, stupid bird!”

The seagull cocked its head at him, and changed.

Richard winced. “Is it too much to ask that something around here not be a whisperer?”

New Sword Singer Chapter Draft — Book 1 – Chapter 2

A new draft chapter for Sword Singer is up and available for rare patrons and higher

Chapter Title: The Demon and the Angel

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Length: 5,500 words

Link: richardstruggle.com/156

Dalvir glanced up at the night sky. The stars were out now, twinkling down on him far brighter than you ever got in the city. Brighter than his mind could ever remember, come to that.

He continued to stare. And then his conscious brain caught up with what his eyes were actually seeing, and his perfectly stoic, Knights-Sorcerer-trained self shattered like three-solid-foot of ocean ice being stepped on by a magical oil rig.